Risus RPG

October means Pumpkin Spice Risus Season!

A seasonal greeting of warmth and happiness from Big Dice Games to you

Big Dice Games is happy to welcome in October with with its traditional tricks and treats. Except there are no tricks, and only one treat - the return of a seasonal favorite, Pumpkin Spice Risus!

This edition is the same as you might have downloaded before, so no extra hidden Pumpkin Spice Easter Eggs (?!), maybe that's something for next year. If you haven't downloaded it before, this would be a great year to add some harvest-time holiday cheer to your gaming table. Or maybe you have some friends that haven't seen it? A favorite barista? Go wild, and share and enjoy!

Risus: Pumpkin Spice Edition can be downloaded from Drive Thru RPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/252267/Risus-Pumpkin-Spice-Edition

Big Dice Games working with Never Say Dice for exciting new Worldbook!

A joint press release from Big Dice Games and Never Say Dice

Big Dice Games, the new publisher of the Risus Role Playing Game system, is delighted to announce signing a deal with Never Say Dice to author a new Risus worldbook, taking gamers into a colorful world of racing, adventure, and mystery.

The new, untitled, worldbook will bring players into a setting with action and mysteries to solve with familiar elements that will be fun to bring to the gaming table.

Risus: The Anything RPG is a rules-light gaming system that believes that “there’s no wrong way to play”. More Risus information and links can be found at http://risusrpg.com

Never Say Dice is a writing duo of two best friends from Glenn Dale, MD who have been involved with tabletop gaming since they were both kids. They've often championed Risus on their blog www.neversaydice.co, and are excited to take on the challenge of a new Risus world book.

More of this project will be announced as the project nears completion.

A joint press release from Cumberland Games & Diversions and the new home of Risus: Big Dice Games.

Dave LeCompte, of Big Dice Games, has purchased the Risus RPG line from S. John Ross of Cumberland Games and Diversions.

S. John Ross designed, authored, and published the groundbreaking roleplaying game system, subtitled “The Anything RPG,” in a time where individual role playing manuals were hundreds of pages, and a well-prepared gaming group would have dozens of books. Risus is a different sort of game system, with a set of rules that can fit on a single sheet of paper.

Dave LeCompte has been a friend of Risus for years, and looks forward to carrying it forward as a game where there’s “No Wrong Way to Play!”

Big Dice Games has agreed to complete the outstanding Kickstarter campaign to publish more free adventures, and intends to publish all-new Risus worldbooks as well.

S. John, who has shepherded his creation for 28 years, has overseen its changes from a plain-jane document of the early 90s to a stick-figure festooned one in the 21st century, is proud to see Big Dice Games carrying the torch forward to see the Risus line expand to include entire worlds, more adventures, and more voices from around the world. The Risus community has always been international (the game has been translated into 18 languages besides S. John’s attempts at English), and S. John hopes to see something from everyone. He’s also happy he won’t have to edit them.

Dave LeCompte notes: “S. John is one of those creators who do so many things well, it will require many people to fill his shoes. Big Dice Games welcomes the best stick figure art submissions, as well as writing submissions from adventure- and worldbook-authors to provide a breadth of perspectives while staying true to the open-hearted, creative gameplay that Risus gamers expect.” Contact dave@risusrpg.com for freelancing opportunities.

The Risus library will continue to be available at DriveThruRPG, with all previous customers transferred painlessly behind the scenes thanks to the efforts of the OBS management. Risus will soon have a new home on the Web as well, at www.RisusRPG.com