Risus Needs You!

Big Dice Games is actively looking to pay authors for adventures and worldbooks, as well as illustrators that can draw joy-filled stick figures solving problems.

A Risus RPG Adventure should be around 10 pages, which should include pre-generated characters for players to choose from, a few meaningful challenges that provide the characters interesting opportunities for problem-solving (not requiring player knowledge, and not relying on combat as a first solution). Maps and illustrations would be good, and the Risus RPG visual style welcomes artists of all confidence levels. I'm currently primarily looking for standalone, one-off adventures, but if you have a campaign arc of multiple adventures, that's also interesting, and we can talk.

A Risus RPG Worldbook might be 32 to 64 pages, and provides the setting and genre for multiple adventures. The worldbook will come with a small number of adventures, and the worldbook will give gamemasters places, people, and groups that will help them make further adventures for their players.

Contact dave@RisusRPG.com with your submissions!